Our choice as a business and what we encourage

Reduce – the volume and impacts of our goods and overall footprint on our environment 

Hire – we believe a reliable hire club reduces the volume of unused equipment consumed overall 

Quality – over quantity 


Upcycle – wherever possible ask about our vintage gear programme, pre-loved goods, part ex scheme and repair not throw all an ethos we stand by.       Our aim is to reduce the impact of our business on the environment, and also your pocket.    

We run sustainability programmes like pre-loved and part-ex as it’s our responsibility to help close the loop on waste, pollution and reduce both personal and business impact on the environment 

Reuse – the next best thing to Reduce so we reuse 50% of packaging waste and recycle as much as possible of the rest aiming for 100% if we all do this we can close the loop together! 

Pre-loved – Enjoy and reuse by bringing it back for us to part exchange for a new life of fun! 

Repair & Reuse – our up cycle aim is to always look to fix and repurpose, we welcome equipment in need of TLC, we encourage and advise the right repair, glue, zips, sewing kits & spares are all provided to keep our favourite gear going 

Buy Back – 50% or less buy back on adult and kids suits, we offer our customers part ex or cash against new products or more pre-loved products 

Shed Amnesty!!! Empty the shed and bring it in – it’s a wetsuit amnesty, vintage goods also welcome bring them in 

Think Global Act Local – Together we got this!!