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Meet Erin     -    Abersoch surf shop

Erin is here to show you how to set up your paddle board in 6 short clips easy to follow steps by our team to get you on the water in no time at all

Clip 1 - Pump Up the board

Clip 2 & 3 - Attach Leach and fins

Clip 4 - Your Paddle construction

Clip 5 - Carrying the board

Clip 6 - Deflating the board

Or follow our written guide in our blog entitled  "SUP set up guide"

And please read our "Sup safety TOP TIPS"

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how to, SUP, TOP TIPS -

How to - A great how to for SUP new users on setting up their board

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Our Top 10 safety tip list for stand up paddleboarders - A must read for new and old boarders. Never be complacent about safety

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eco, environment, hire, partex, preloved, recycle, reuse, sustainable, upcycle -

Our choice as a business and what we encourage Reduce – the volume and impacts of our goods and overall footprint on our environment  Hire – we believe a reliable hire club reduces the volume of unused equipment consumed overall  Quality – over quantity      Upcycle – wherever possible ask about our vintage gear programme, pre-loved goods, part ex scheme and repair not throw all an ethos we stand by.       Our aim is to reduce the impact of our business on the environment, and also your pocket.     We run sustainability programmes like pre-loved and part-ex as it’s our...

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